Can I vote?

Anyone 18 years or older who lives in San Francisco, San Mateo or Marin counties can vote.

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How to vote

  • Voting takes place in-person on February 19, 2022
  • There are 3 voting stations: outside Castro St Muni Station, outside Powerhouse in SOMA and outside The Cinch in the Polk.
  • Bring your valid ID that shows you are a resident of San Francisco, San Mateo or Marin counties. Acceptable forms of ID include:
    • State Driver’s License or ID card
    • San Francisco City ID Card
    • Utility or phone bill that shows your residency in one of the three counties, plus a photo ID (out of state license, passport etc.)

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Vote for Ehra in the Castro

Outside Castro Muni Station
Castro and Market St.
12pm – 6pm

Vote for Ehra in the Polk

The Cinch
1723 Polk St.
11am – 4pm

Vote for Ehra in SOMA

1347 Folsom St.
1pm – 5pm

What does the Empress of San Francisco do?

Since 1965, the people of San Francisco have selected an Empress to represent their community. They are tasked to raise money and awareness for non-profit and charitable causes of their choice. 

Every year, a new Emperor and Empress are elected by the people of San Francisco, San Mateo and Marin counties.

They reign for one year, organizing fundraisers and events, steering the agenda and members of the Imperial Council of San Francisco, and acting as a figurehead for the LGBTQIA+ community here locally, and represents San Francisco throughout the International Court System. 

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Why is this important?

The Empress of San Francisco is able to direct the fundraising efforts of her court; a family of volunteers, monarchs and titleholders.

Beyond the glitz and pageantry, the court focuses much of its essential work to support non-profits serving the people of San Francisco. When we elect Ehra Amaya to lead this prestigious and historic organization, she will have the resources to achieve the EssentialEhra mission and goal: uplifting LGBTQIA+ folx now to safeguard the future of our community and raising $100,000 for non-profits that provide stability, security and opportunity.

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